The Goddesses of Calgary

The Goddesses of Calgary group was established in early 2006 as a coming together of incredibly wonderful women to network, support one another and let their inner lights shine.

Here, an excerpt from my blog after the very first gathering:

when I came across Lulu {in the blogosphere} I was incredibly inspired by her and the women from a town called Laurence, Kansas, which may as well be like a fairy town to me. Goddess town, more precisely.

These women formed a Goddess Collective, a group that meets regularly to love, support and just joyfully BE. So I decided to start my own 'GC'. Brought together some of the most incredibly inspiring women (who were mostly entrepreneurial, as it turned out), to connect, drink wine, get henna'd and generally enjoy each other's company & energy. And what a beautiful energy was created! Looking forward to our next gathering”
GS, 03/03/06

Since then, we have grown in size from 10 to 50 to approximately 350 strong.

We hold gatherings semi regularly to connect, network, have henna art applied, cards read, clothes & books swapped, get spa*ah*ed, learn new skills (such as belly dancing) and of course, drink wine!!

Please feel free to join our Facebook page here.

All events will also be posted on the Calgary Goddesses Meetup Group 

All are Welcome!


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