It's no secret that a Goddess Mommy loves to shop.

But this year, we discovered three very incredible and innovative places to shop, which make a difference in your health AND are beneficial to the planet. 

So we had to share!

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Below, you can order the Winalite brand Anion LOVEMOON and diapers.

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Please ask me if you are interested in a free membership to access wholesale prices.

Product Details

Comfort & Confidence

Anion sanitary napkins feels so comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing one. The surface is soft and thin with the outer layer allowing air in while also locking fluid in. The amazing absorbing ability will help keep you feeling confident, fresh and clean.

Negative Ion Technology

“Love Moon” Anion sanitary napkins contain an anion strip (or negative ion strip) inside the napkin. When the napkin is used, this anion strip emits a very high number of beneficial negative ions in a totally natural manner. Anions in the air are like vitamins in food – they greatly benefit your health. Bacteria cannot survive in an environment with an abundance of negative ions.

Food Grade Packaging

Anion sanitary napkins are packaged in their own resealable food-grade, hygienic aluminum foil and each pad in a fully sealed wrapping inside. Unlike our traditional pads, being completely sealed keeps your sanitary napkin safe from mildew, fungus and bacteria from storing under your bathroom sink, in your purse, etc. No recycled, chemical treated materials are used in Anion sanitary napkins so there are no toxins present to be absorbed by your body.

The Benefits Of Negative Ions (Anion) to your Health

If the air contains a low concentration of negative ions (anion), symptoms such as lethargy, dizziness, migraine, depression and shortness of breath can occur.

According to the standard of World Health Organization, the concentration of negative ions (anion) in fresh air should not be less than 1000 units of negative ion (anion) per cubic centimeter. When the concentration of negative ions (anion) reaches a certain level, the number of bacteria will eventually be reduced to zero.

The negative ions (anion) in the air possess electrodes which easily attach to the surface of bacteria. This process will produce low electric currents that eliminate them and suppresses further multiplication, thus achieving the effects of eradicating bacterial and sterilization.

The Miracle Of LOVE MOON

Every cm cubic of the anionic padding in each piece of LOVE MOON SANITARY NAPKINS can release up to 5800 negative ions (anion). The Intensity of negative ions (anion) released will effectively suppress the survival and multiplication of bacterial and viruses on the sanitary napkins.

The Negative Ion Chip releases large amounts of oxygen, has a balanced PH level and enhances hormonal balance that effectively improves incretion, strengthening immunity, reducing stress, eliminating bacterial, treating inflammation, eradicating odour, removing fatigue etc.

LOVE MOON Anion (Negative Ion) Sanitary Napkin can effectively restrict the growth and survival of bacteria and viruses, activates metabolism, improves secretion, and increases immunity. They are also effective in adjusting pressure, resisting bacteria, reducing inflammation, reducing odour and eliminating tiredness.

You really have to try them to believe it.

Contact me for a free sample!

Anion Day Pads

$ 10.00 CAD

Qty. 10 per pack

Anion Overnight Pads

$ 10.00 CAD

Qty. 8 per pack

Anion Pantyliners

$ 10.00 CAD

Qty. 30 per pack


$ 115.00 CAD

Finally! A biodegradable ‘disposable’ diaper! For every parent who has made the difficult decision between filling our landfills with disposable diapers or the time and money investment of cloth now have a great new option!

Contains special scented tea-seed essence, effectively deodorizing, suppressing and eliminating bacteria, moisturizing, keeping babies away from red butts (diaper rash).

The tea seed essence with special cleansing ingredients helps baby's bottom to stay healthy.

Specially made absorption layer could evenly split baby's urine and remain thin and soft afterwards. Tunneling holes design and liquid absorbing particles guarantee fast absorption. Urine is held tightly without the possibility of back flow and side leak. Naturally it would be more dry and comfortable.

Breathable External Layer, Double The Comfort Level

Wholesale (recommended) - $90 USD + shipping for 3 packs with FREE membership and no obligation to buy. Get your diapers delivered to your door step and perhaps share with other parents to earn your diapers for FREE!

Click here to enroll and use sponsor number CA0003523. Please contact me for your placement number.

Size    Weight    Pieces per pack   

S    6-18 lbs       34  

M    13-24 lbs    30  

L    20-31 lbs      24  

XL     26+ lbs    20  

1 set (19 packages) mixed pads

$ 115.00 CAD

Wholesale (recommended) - $90 USD + shipping for 3 packs with FREE membership and no obligation to buy. Get your pads delivered to your door step and perhaps share with other women to earn your pads for FREE!

You will receive 10 packs of Day Use, 4 packs of Overnight and 5 packs of Pantyliners.

Click here to enroll and use sponsor number CA0003523. Please contact me for your placement number.

Includes shipping via UPS.

Please include your address on the invoice notes.


You can also order larger quantities of the product and join the growing number of women who are seizing this incredible business opportunity...

If you are in the Calgary area, there is an amazing WINNING team in the process of growing and we are seeking new members!

Please visit for more details on how to become a part of it!

Why not earn money at the same time as helping the environment and spreading the word to other women who can benefit?

Summary of Compensation Plan:

Level: Bronze

Merchandise: No Purchase

Price: $0

Level: Silver

Merchandise: 1 set

Price: $90 USD + shipping

Level: Gold

Merchandise: 5 sets

Price: $450 USD + shipping

Level: Platinum

Merchandise: 12 sets

Price: $1080 USD + shipping

* Bronze & Silver recommended for consumers. Gold & Platinum recommended for those interested in starting a successful business

A set includes 19 packs of Anion pads.

First order $90 per set, reorders $80 per set.

Retail for $10/pk or 3pks for $25.

Three Bonuses paid weekly

Introduction Bonus:

If someone signs up under you and makes a purchase you will receive $10 for each set they purchase.

Multiplier Bonus:

As your team grows you can receive 10% of their total volume generated each week (not including your qualifying leg). Your maximum payout for this bonus depends on your level. You may want to upgrade your level so as not to miss out on taking full advantage of this bonus. (See details in Compensation Plan)

Leadership Matching Bonus:

If 1 or 2 people join your team you will receive 10% of their sales.

When 3 or 4 people join your team you will receive 10% of their sales as well as the people they directly sign up.

When 5 or more people join your team you will receive 10% of theirs sales as well as the people they directly sign up AND the people they sign up (3 generations). (See details in Compensation Plan)


To take advantage of these bonuses you must order 1 set every 28 days.

This is just my own summary, please see the compensation plan for details.


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